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Ownership Group

Additional Credentialed Surgeons

Eric A. Barp, DPM - Podiatry
Susan L. Beck, DO - General Surgery
Ronald S. Bergman, DO - Plastic/Reconstructive Hand Surgery
William R. Boulden, MD - Orthopedic
Matthew R. Brown, MD - Otolaryngology
Matthew J. Carfrae, MD - Otolaryngology
Michael Carlisle, MD - Otolaryngology
Heidi L. Close, MD - Otolaryngology
Brian C. Cooper, MD - OB/GYN
Brian M. Crites, MD - Orthopedic
Nichole Dean, DO - Otolaryngology
Dennis P. Dornbier, DO - OB/GYN
Neil Dunbar, DDS - Oral Surgery
Tami R. Fahnlander, DO - OB/GYN
Stephen M. Feltz, MD - OB/GYN
Mark D. Fish, DO - Orthopedic
Bryan L. Folkers, DO - General Surgery
Teri S. Formanek, MD - Orthopedic
Jill Frerichs, DPM - Podiatry
Dennis Fry, MD - General Surgery & Vascular
Marshall C. Greiman, MD - Otolaryngology

Stephen R. Griffith, MD - Otolaryngology
David Groen, DPM - Podiatry
Paul A. Grossmann, MD - General Surgery
Steven L. Harlan, MD - Dermatology
William C. Jacobson, MD - Orthopedic
Lindsey Jenkins, MD - OB/GYN
Darren Jirsa, DDS - Oral Surgery
Christopher M. Johnson, DO - OB/GYN
Brenton B. Koch, MD - Otolaryngology
Cody A. Koch, MD - Otolaryngology
Soren Kraemer, MD - Colon & Rectal Surgery
Michael Lee, DPM - Podiatry
Danielle Liudahl, MD - Otolaryngology
Samuel M. Maurice, MD - Plastic
Corey Mineck, MD - Otolaryngology
Matthew Morgan, MD - Otolaryngology
Daniel Moyse, MD - Pain Management
Bernard Munro, MD - OB/GYN
Todd Nielsen, DDS - Oral Surgery
Thomas Paulson, MD - Otolaryngology

Todd Peterson, DO - Orthopedic
Justin Raatz, DPM - Podiatry
Joel Reynolds, DDS - Oral Surgery
Steven Reynolds, DDS - Oral Surgery
Joshua Richman, DDS - Oral Surgery
Richard Rinehart, MD - Otolaryngology
Timothy Simplot, MD - Otolaryngology
Jeffrey Smit, MD - Otolaryngology
Jolene Smith, DO - Pain Management
Mark Smolik, MD - General Surgery
Andrew Stevenson, DO - Otolaryngology
Eric W. Temple, DPM - Podiatry
Francesca M. Turner, DO - OB/GYN
Lisa Vigue, MD - OB/GYN
Simon K. Wright, MD - Otolaryngology
Gregory J. Yanish, MD - General Surgery
Lester J. Yen, MD - Plastic
Donald C. Young, DO - OB/GYN
Eytan Young, MD - Otolaryngology
Jeffrianne S. Young, MD - Ophthalmology


For a complete listing of our anesthesia providers please visit: Medical Center Anesthesiologists