Patient Testimonials

I was very impressed with the anesthesia care. Best recovery I’ve ever had from surgery. Usually I have problems with nausea, crying, and shaking uncontrollably but none of that occurred this time. She did a great job! - 12/30/2013

I cannot remember if they discussed with me what kind of anesthesia I would be getting. I didn’t realize that they would be putting a tube down my throat until after. I feel I could have used a bit more info from them, but he was friendly and professional. - 12/30/2013

4th set of tubes. Didn’t need a long explanation and the anesthesiologist was sensitive to that. I appreciated it! - 12/31/2013

Best part was he listened. Made for a pleasant wake up. - 01/07/2014

I appreciated the anesthesiologist stopping by after the surgery, while I was in recovery, to check on me and answer my questions. - 01/14/2014

They listened to my concerns and acted appropriately to prevent any complications. - 01/24/2014

The anesthesia staff was very helpful and nice. - 01/27/2014

The staff was great with my daughter, she is 6 years old and was very nervous, but staff/nurse and Dr. Paulson was amazing with her. - 12/27/2013

Recovery nurses were very concerned with pain level and making me comfortable. - 12/30/2013

I think the staff was great. The people I had over me were awesome! I hope everyone that works there is just as awesome, because I felt I had won the lottery and got all the best people! - 12/30/2013

The facility was wonderful (i.e.: clean ad comfortable). The nurses were exceptions! Specifically my first nurse (after surgery) and my last nurse (that discharged me) were excellent! They both were very helpful, very friendly, very kind, very patient, very caring and very attentive. They never once made me feel like I was a bother or a disruption. Additionally, both of these ladies made my family feel welcome and were always trying to make things easier during my time at West Lakes Surgery Center. - 12/30/2013

The surgery was on my daughter, so I (her mom) am filling out this survey. For me the private waiting area was very nice. For my daughter, the male recovery nurse was extremely nice and made her feel a ton better. - 01/03/2014

The staff before surgery and in recovery. - 01/03/2014

The care I received while preparing for surgery, and in recovery was excellent. They made sure I was comfortable, and everyone was very cheerful and helpful. - 01/14/2014

The Dr. and staff were very compassionate and went out of their way to show concern for my feelings. - 01/15/2014

The staff were all very helpful and kind. The recovery nurses were especially wonderful. - 01/15/2014

The nursing and recovery staff were warm and cheerful, yet seemed competent in their work. They all seemed to really enjoy what they were doing.- 01/22/2014

The staff member that called was very kind. - 01/09/2014

Caller on the day after the procedure seemed to express genuine concern – that was appreciated. - 01/22/2014

I just want to say that my nurse when I got there was awesome! I wish I was better at names or I would call her by name in this comment, and I don’t remember because I was a bit nervous. She was genuine with my concerns and I can’t express how important that was to me, I was very nervous. And, as I was thinking about how busy the surgical place was on the day I had my surgery, people were coming in and out from surgeries, I could have just been another number, another one to rotate through, and she was awesome! She gave me a warm blanket and eased my fears about my IV. She said they numb it, which I strongly agree because that can be the more anxious part of the surgery. I just want to thank your facility for making that a standard, numbing it before putting in the IV, they can hurt! And I have a bruise on my hand that’s still tender to prove it! Also, the gentleman that took me back to surgery was awesome! He was laid back, but kind and I could tell he really cared about me. I think that’s what shocked me the most, I really felt that even though this was a quick surgery, I was there, in and out from beginning to end, only about 2 hours, and yet I felt that every person that worked with me really cared, thank you! - 12/30/2013

This was my first time having surgery and the nurse was excellent to help calm my nerves! - 12/31/2013

The male after surgery nurse was a super nice, caring, funny person. He set my daughter at ease. - 01/03/2014

I forgot my nurse’s name, but she was wonderful!!! - 01/06/2014

This was an emotional time for me and the staff was very reassuring. - 01/15/2014

I thought that everything was great and the nurses were wonderful, especially my first postop nurse. She was very nice and caring. - 12/30/2013

It took me a little longer to recover, but I felt cared for and not rushed this was comforting. - 01/27/2014

Great Job – Thankful he was so helpful. - 01/03/2014

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