Our Surgeons

Our Surgeons

“The doctor and staff were very compassionate and went out of their way to show concern for my feelings.” January 2014

“My daughter is six years old and was very nervous, but…the doctor was amazing with her.” December 2013

“Great job—thankful the doctor was so helpful.” January 2014

Additional Credentialed Surgeons

Eric Barp, DPM – Podiatry

Ronald Bergman, DO – Plastic/Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Matthew Brown, MD – Otolaryngology

Michael Carlisle, MD – Plastic Surgery

Nichole Dean, DO – Otolaryngology

Ellen Dy, MD – Gastroenterology

Tami Fahnlander, DO – Gynecology

Bernard Feldman, DO – Gastroenterology

Bryan Folkers, DO – Plastic/Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Harvey Giller, DO – Gastroenterology

Steven Harlan, MD – Dermatology

Christopher Johnson, DO – Gynecology

Soren Kraemer, MD – General Surgery/Gastroenterology

Jeff Maire, DO – General Surgery/Gastroenterology

Samuel Maurice, MD – Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Matthew Morgan, MD – Otolaryngology

Bernard Munro, MD – Gynecology

Thomas Paulson, MD – Otolaryngology

Todd Peterson, DO - Orthopaedic

Shirley Pua, MD – Gastroenterology

Jeffrey Smit, MD – Otolaryngology

Mark Smolik, MD – General Surgery

Eric Temple, DPM – Podiatry

Francesca Turner, DO – Gynecology

Lester Yen, MD – Plastic/Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Jeffrianne Young, MD – Ophthalmology

William Young, MD – Diagnostic Radiology

Jorge Zapatier, MD - Gastroenterology

Our Surgeons
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Our Surgeons
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